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Day of the Dead in San Antonio

(last modified April 8, 2024)
How is Day of the Dead celebrated in some parts of the United States? October 27th, 2022 If you are ever in the San Antonio area around the end of October, consider attending the Spiritlandia parade. This is the kick-off event for San Antonio’s Day of the Dead festival, the largest in the U.S. This …

Conversación con Carlos 1

(last modified April 8, 2024)
A great listening activity for students who are reading El capibara con botas! Amy Marshall does an awesome job: slowly teaching question words, pointing at words she is using, and modeling first-person and second-person forms of verbs when interviewing or chatting with someone.   

Intro to teaching capibara

(last modified April 8, 2024)
How do you introduce a novel? Amy Marshall is teaching her favorite novel this semester, El capibara con botas. Here is how she is setting up the learning experience for her high school students using the book in March of Spanish 1. Amy Marshall: I make no secret that teaching El capibara con botas is my very favorite …