Intro to teaching capibara

Intro to teaching capibaraIntro to teaching capibara
(last modified April 8, 2024)

How do you introduce a novel?

Amy Marshall is teaching her favorite novel this semester, El capibara con botas.

Here is how she is setting up the learning experience for her high school students using the book in March of Spanish 1.

Amy Marshall:

I make no secret that teaching El capibara con botas is my very favorite book to teach. It is easy, it is fun, but there is plenty to talk about.

In this brief video I discuss what I do to prepare my students to read their very first novel.

As my high school students tell me, the only things they read and enjoy are subtitles on Netflix and text messages. They promise that there is absolutely no way that they will enjoy reading a BOOK! Challenge accepted and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve!

This is my first post about teaching the novel. I will write other posts about all the things that I do as I teach this novel over the coming weeks.

If you do not have the teacher’s manual, do yourself a favor and get it! It has everything you need and more than you could ever imagine.