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Reading is a Game Changer

Just right books are invaluable. Interested in helping your students obtain proficiency in Spanish or French? This is your just right place.

You can find multiple Spanish readers and a French reader here along with Teachers’ Manuals and audio books.  The readers are only available for purchase in packs of 5 books. When you purchase 25 books, or 5 packs, the purchase price drops to $5 each book.

Use a credit card or enter ‘payment by check’ and send a purchase order through my contact page.

Use the Shop dropdown menu to read product descriptions and obtain samples.  Contact me if you have any questions!

About the Author

Mira CanionMira Canion is an energizing presenter, author, photographer, stand-up comedienne, and high school teacher. Mira is best known for her spontaneous creativity and quick wit, not only as former CCFLT president and notorious pirate but also in the classroom. She has been captivating middle and high school students for 20 years with her enthusiasm, high energy, and passion. She has developed innovative approaches to instruction that include storytelling, drama, novellas, music, videos, photos, and technology.

She is the author of the popular, historical novellas Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto, Rebeldes de Tejas, Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso, La Vampirata, Rival, Tumba, La France en danger et les secrets de Picasso, Fiesta fatal, El capibara con botas, as well as teacher’s manuals with reading strategies and activities, simplified non-fiction texts, and visuals.

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  1. Energizing, enthusiastic, warm, funny, and a great writer, that’s what she is!

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