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Teach Spanish through literacy

Your students can improve their language proficiency and learn about culture through Mira Canion’s easy-to-read stories!

Receive full curricular support while making classroom learning fun for learning Spanish and French!

Learning through Reading

We learned vocabulary and increased our content knowledge through extensive reading. Why should learning Spanish be any different?

Mira's Experience

When texts are too hard, students can develop a fear of reading. Mira writes accessible and engaging texts for very beginning Spanish language learners that also deepen their knowledge of the world.

Working with schools since 1999

Hundreds of thousands of students learning Spanish have read Mira's books. We work exclusively with school districts and teachers to provide curricular and supplementary resources.

See How It Works

...and preview our books!

There are many ways

to enjoy Mira Canion's books!

You know your classroom better than anyone else. What book format will work the best for teaching your students Spanish or French?
"We finished the capibara con botas book yesterday and I was surprised how this book became a center of discussion without any prompting. Everyone was commenting about how good this book was and they were trying to go deep into the different messages."
—Diana Williams
Honolulu, Hawaii High School
Download 9 capibara Spanish question word posters!

Capybara Question Word Posters

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Join our mailing list and grab 9 full-color 8.5 x 11 posters to hang as you instruct. Help students understand and use question words. Includes nine illustrations from the book El capibara con botas.

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