Mosca en leche eBook

Mosca en leche eBook
Mosca en leche eBook
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Written with accessible vocabulary for beginning language learners, Mosca en leche is a delightful and moving story of a common fly with an identity crisis.

From the Venezuelan 5-star author of Juliana, Itipurú y el monstruo del océano, Orión and Mosca, ¡¡Mosca!!: Margarita Pérez García. Another comprehensible and compelling story in Easy Spanish!
"Margarita is a master at sheltering vocabulary". ―Lauren, Spanish teacher in the US.

Mosca en leche is a title that plays on the meaning of the expression Mosca en leche -Fly in milk. Many Latin Americans say ‘Me siento como mosca en leche’—‘I feel like a fly in milk’—when we feel like we don’t fit in a context, when we feel out of place among others.

In the story we meet 'Pata Sucia', a clean fly who feels like a fly in milk among flies. She tries to make herself useful. But she feels like a nuisance. The bad reputation of her kind follows her around. Nobody welcomes her. Nobody wants her help. People say she is an annoying, dirty fly. No wonder Pata Sucia is unhappy with herself. Pata Sucia is a fly with a sweet tooth who wants to be useful and lovable. She doesn’t want to be a dirty fly! Yuck!

One day she meets the bees and sees how useful and loved they are. Everyone loves honey, and bees make honey. Pata Sucia now dreams of flying from flower-to-flower, eating sweet honey. She decides: “I will become a bee!”. But the world around her doesn’t always affirm her truth. Can Pata Sucia reinvent herself when she is stuck in the body of a fly?

Mosca en leche touches on the themes of identity construction, identity crisis and transition.