Presentations given at ACTFL, Central States, Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers, and the like:

Asking Questions that Matter
Authentic Assessments: How to Really Grade Reading Comprehension
Appropriate Scaffolding: Pathways to Literacy, co-presenter Laurie Clarcq
Deeper Insights: Reading Texts with Compassionate Eyes
Peace, Love, and Proficiency: Where Methodologies Meet, co-presenter Kara Parker
Creating Comprehensible Cultural Input
Connecting Classroom Discourse for the Novice Learner
Raising Reading Comprehension: Thinking and Talking
Connecting Culture and Students Through Novels
Interactive Input: Beyond Simple Questions and Personalization
Delivering Vocabulary through Classroom Discourse
Keeping Everything Comprehensible
Reading: The Acquisition Game Changer
Authentic and Created Texts: Goal, Task, and Fluency
Creating Activities that Spark, Ignite, and Energize
Moving Background Knowledge to the Foreground
Reading is Thinking: Making True Learning Visible
Engaging Students with Relevant Instruction
Making Interpersonal Speaking Visible through Can-Do Statements, co-presenter Michele Whaley
How to Deepen Reading Comprehension
Show and Tell: Increasing Vocabulary to Boost Authentic Communication, co-presented with Lisa Ritter
Five Insanely Interactive Reading Activities for an Evaluation-Crazed World
How Brain Science Can Improve our Instructional Approach to Reading
Generating Student Input through Humor, Tech, and Stories
Seven Irresistible Activities that Connect Teens with Reading
Completely Captivating Activities Kids Crave
Exploring the Wealth of Cultural Perspectives to Promote Authentic Communication


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