About Us

Mira Canion is an energizing presenter, author, photographer, stand-up comedienne, and high school teacher.

Mira is best known for her spontaneous creativity and quick wit, not only as former CCFLT president and notorious pirate but also in the classroom. She has been captivating middle and high school students for 20 years with her enthusiasm, high energy, and passion. She has developed innovative approaches to instruction that include storytelling, drama, novellas, music, videos, photos, and technology.

She is the author of the popular, historical novellas Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secretoRebeldes de Tejas, Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso, Los bucaneros y el Templo del Jaguar (La Vampirata)RivalTumba, La France en danger et les secrets de Picasso, Fiesta fatalEl capibara con botas, El escape cubano, La perezosa impaciente, Agua tóxica, as well as teacher’s manuals with reading strategies and activities, simplified non-fiction texts, and visuals.

Ramona is a heritage Spanish speaker who brings more than 10 years of successful customer service management in English and Spanish and is used to solving complex issues, but one of the hardest things she ever dealt with was her Puerto Rican mom when she told her she didn’t want a quinceañera! Her recent projects include contributions to the Agentes secretos Teacher’s Manual (2022) and the Culture Comic- El tazón con agua, and more. She was also the illustrator for Agua tóxica. If you contact support@miracanion.com you will probably be speaking with Ramona. 

“When I was reading Tumba, Alex’s grandma reminded me so much of my abuelita!”

“I’m passionate about working with teachers to help educate students on language and Spanish-speaking cultures. I have two school age children learning Spanish. I am proud to both help create, use and sell these resources! I was not allowed to take art classes growing up, so I love getting to contribute art to some of Mira’s projects, in addition to product strategy and development.”

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