Rival Teacher’s Manual on CD


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Rival Teacher’s Manual on CD

With 18 slideshows of professional-quality photos, this digital teacher’s manual is extremely user-friendly, supportive, clear, and organized. Grab it and teach. Just add students!

For Every Chapter

  • Complete Student-friendly lesson plans tied to I can… statements and an Essential Question
  • Individual and group exercises and assignments
  • Reproducible comprehension Quizzes and Tests 
  • Teaching strategies for different learning styles, comprehension questions for leading discussions, and classroom games.
  • Essential chapter vocabulary 

Features and Highlights

  • The Essential Question: a focused theme throughout the book for students to connect to their experience.
  • Story Map graphic organizer builds the Common Core skill of analyzing character development as the plot moves toward resolution
  • Extensive photos with comprehensible text of: Sevilla, Córdoba, Toledo, Jaén, Segovia
  • Assignments for making Personal Connections so students can relate the material to their own lives
  • Predict the plot and imagine alternative storylines
  • Web links for deeper exploration through videos and slideshows of cultures, locations, and other topics
  • Word Clouds based on vocabulary frequency
  • Quality on-location, full-color photographs to help visualize the story in context

Beyond the Book

  • Supplementary authentic resources for cultural exploration
  • Learn about the history of Islam and Christianity in Spain
  • The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
  • Discover the food, architecture, art, and more of medieval Spain
  • and much more!

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