La France en danger Teacher’s Manual CD


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La France en danger Teacher’s Manual

With hundreds of professional-quality photos in 11 slideshows, this extensive digital teacher’s manual is extremely user-friendly, supportive, clear, and organized. Grab it and teach. Just add students!

This CD version of the teacher’s manual is the same as the downloadable version. Choose the digital download version to receive this product instantly and pay no shipping!

For Every Chapter

  • Complete Teacher-friendly lesson plans
  • Individual and group exercises and assignments
  • Reproducible Quizzes and Tests with and without answers in various formats: fill in the blank, short answer, true or false
  • Teaching strategies for different learning styles, comprehension questions for leading discussions, and classroom games.
  • Essential chapter vocabulary 

Features and Highlights

  • Character exploration exercises to explore their world, fears, and motivations
  • Assignments for making Personal Connections so students can relate the material to their own lives
  • Predict the plot and imagine alternative storylines
  • Web links for deeper exploration through videos and slideshows of cultures, locations, and other topics
  • Word Clouds based on vocabulary frequency
  • Chapter comics
  • Quality on-location photographs to help visualize the story in context

Beyond the Book

  • Supplementary authentic resources for cultural exploration
  • Pablo Picasso and Guernica resources
  • Information about the Nazi occupation of France, Maréchal Pétain, Charles de Gaulle, French cafes, La Sainte-Chapelle, Le Château Grimaldi, and the locations of the book.
  • Much more!

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